24 Hours 7 Day a Week Emergency Call-Out Service



The K M Plant Hire Desk can be reached on 0203 146 9564 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding National/Bank Holidays), and the 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week, K M Plant Hire Emergency Response Call-Out Service can be reached on: 0203 146 9561.



K M Plant is a reknowned specialist in providing Emergency Response in rectification of Utility Strikes, Mains Bursts and Accident Damage, and provides 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Call-Out support to Clients in the Utilities, Utility Contractor, Civil Engineering and Construction Sectors.  K M Plant is a Water Industry Approved Contractor (WIRS, WIAPS and WaterSafe) in respect of Burst, Leakage and Incident Response and Repair.



K M Plant has a substantial Regional presence in South Wales, the South West of England and across to Greater London. The geographical scope for the business, extends not just from Wales, up to the West Midlands, down to Devon, and across to Greater London, but also beyond to the West Midlands and the South East. 


K M Plant has presences in Cardiff, Bristol, Swindon, Exeter and Greater London/Slough, Regional Operations Depots in Gwent, Leicestershire and Somerset, along with Yards and Compounds strategically situated across Wales and the South West of England. 




K M Plant's highly skilled team of Utility professionals, have extensive experience in crisis and incident management, and emergency response and rectification scenarios, including many occasions when an urgent call for assistance with challenging or impenitrable terrain, a burst, struck or fractured main, damaged pipelines, conduits and cables, etc., has been met with an expedient end-to-end rectification solution from K M Plant, and expensive incidents, disasters and large-impact supply interruptions, have been averted, mitigated or avoided.  


K M Plant's Emergency Response 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Call Out Team can be reached on 0203 146 9561.




This excellent geographical coverage allows K M Plant to provide highly effective Planned Works support and 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Emergency Response Call Out (0203 146 9561) services to Clients.


This is high level of responsiveness is made possible by K M Plant Hire's status as an 'Owner Operator' of not only the Specialist Plant and Equipment required for Trenchless Technologies, Mains Repairs, Underground Leak Detection, Reinstatement etc., but also the Owner-Operated Logistics Fleet of Lo-Loaders, HIABs, Flatbeds, Sepcialist Trailers, etc. and thereby, facilitates rapid deployment and mobilisation towards Client requirements, for even the most demanding circumstances. 



For scheduled and planned works, the K M Plant Hire Desk can be reached on 0203 146 9564 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding National/Bank Holidays).