Groundworks and Surfacing


K M Plant conducts high quality Surfacing and Resurfacing, including Car Parks, Driveways, Hardstanding and Off-Street Parking (permanent and temporary) for Clients across South Wales and the South West of England. All materials used and works completed that interface with the public Highway (such as Drop Kerbs, etc.) are conducted to NRSWA, Local Authority Highways, Streetworks UK and HAUC Standards.  Due to K M Plant's extensive internal resources, works are conducted quickly and efficiently, without the usual delays often experienced by other providers, requiring access to hired plant, tools and equipment, and subcontracted Labour, etc.  K M Plant  is fully Licenced to undertake works interfacing with the public Highway and Road Notice Permitting.  K M Plant is also Licenced by the Environment Agency for Waste Management, in respect of the appropriate disposal of any inert waste materials for the works.  All work is conducted in compliance with the Highway Authorities and Utilities Committee 'HAUC' standards, Highways Act 1980 and the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991.




By engaging K M Plant, as an established and highly reputable Civil Engineering specialist working to NRSWA and HAUC standards, you are assured of the works being conducted to the highest applicable standards, including the appropriate methodologies for correctly supporting any required drainage systems, and that a suitable sub-base for the required use has been provided.  To assist with drainage requirements and Planning Permission stipulations, K M Plant provides Gravel Driveways, Scalpings, Porous Tarmac and Porous Concrete Drives and Roll-Off Hardstanding with Soakaways, in addition to providing SuDS Drainage facilities where required.


K M Plant can provide Dropped Kerb installations and Access area reinforcement to the required Highways Authority specifications, for any applicable area between the Highway and any proposed additional or new Hardstanding, where vehicular access is required, that crosses the pedestrian footway areas.




K M Plant provides high quality Tarmac (including Porous), Concrete or Paved hard surfacing, Gravelled Drive or Scalpings surfaced Driveways, for Off-Street Parking and Hardstanding, etc., across South Wales and the South West of England. This includes Hardstanding suitable for multiple cars, commercial vehicles, Caravans, Motorhomes, Leisure Craft, etc. and the creation of additional driveway space, turning circles, creation of separate entrances and exits, and the widening of entrances and increasing available parking areas. K M Plant can also provide Marking-up with Whitelining, on surface directions, along with Hatching, etc. of designated bays and Disabled Parking spaces, Keep Clear areas, Reserved and designated private parking. 


K M Plant can also provide specialist Groundworks in relation to the widening of access and space availability, including the reclaimation of unused land areas, for the creation of additional parking areas or vehicular access widening, the removal of existing fences, hedging, trees, etc. to free-up valuable extra space. K M Plant also provides porous hard surfaces and sustainable drainage systems ('SuDS') surface water run-off methodologies, facilitating hardstanding in areas where solid surfacing will not gain Planning consent due to Local Authority concerns relating to increased surface rainwater stormwater drainage system overload and flood-risk factors.




Porous Tarmacadam has been used to create a large parking area for multiple cars, where surface water is able to drain through the Tarmac, and to soak safely away underground in a fully compliant manner.




Previously rutted, pitted and fractured privately-owned vehicular access road, now Resurfaced and also providing both improved surface water run-off and smooth running.




K M Plant provides a range of associated services ranging from straightforward Surface repairs such as Patching and Permanent Pothole Repairs, Resurfacing and Surface Re-dressing, through to Sub-Surface Base Course and Structural Repairs, and re-Basing of public or private Roads, Lanes and Access, through to substantial multi-vehicle parking facilities or commercial and industrial hardstanding. 


All Surfacing works are conducted to HAUC Highways Authority standards and specifications, using top quality materials to ensure longevity and durability of the Surface Course and Base, able to survive both the British climate and normal everyday use. Further Base and Surface upgrades are available for more demanding requirements and applications, or due to site-specific factors, etc.  




Increasingly, home owners in urban areas such as Cardiff, Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, etc. are converting spare garden areas, rear and front garden space, situated adjoining congested roads with limited parking availability, into valuable Off-Street Parking, Hardstanding and Driveways. Thereby enjoying property appeal benefits and resale value increases, (along with the potential vehicle insurance cost reductions accordingly for off-street parking), through this simple but highly effective enhancement and property improvement.  As demand for parking increases and available parking becomes increasingly limited, homes with this benefit can command a premium.  More property owners are now investing in creating or enhancing available vehicle parking, simply to ensure this facility is always available to them and their visiting vehicle users.  Increasingly, this is also becoming a common requirement for families with multiple vehicles, and indeed, often a necessity due to congested residential streets and any applicable parking restrictions, etc. 




K M Plant can survey the proposed location of Hardstanding and vehicular access, etc. and advise on the compliant options available.  




K M Plant can provide fully compliant surface water handling solutions, for surface water run off and effective and compliant drainage. 




Many Clients have advised the frustrations of often coming home after work and being unable to find available parking in the Street, or indeed anywhere near their homes, and also finding their residential Street parking has been fully utilised by Commuters during the day, meaning they have been unable to park anywhere nearby with children, or heavy shopping or luggage to contend with.  Such properties sometimes have a front Garden area, that often lends itself to hardstanding conversion for parking. Provided this work is done to the required specifications and standards, this can often be undertaken under permitted development. Planning Permission and Highways approval is required should a Dropped Kerb be required and a Footpath be crossed for vehicular access. 




K M Plant provides Dropped Kerb installations that are fully compliant to Highways and Local Authority required standards,and utilising Highways Approved materials for professional and durable installations. Planning Permission is required for a Dropped Kerb installation and where vehicular access is required from the Highways across pedestrian footways, and must be sought and confirmed before work can commence.    




This is increasingly the case in not just Cities such as Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Swindon, Reading, Oxford and London, etc., but also now in Towns and semi-rural areas, such as Abergavenny, Caerphilly, Usk, Monmouth, Hereford, Stroud, Clevedon, Portishead, Yatton, Nailsea, Weston-super-Mare, etc. right across Wales and the South West of England, in fact anywhere parking is now less freely available. Unutilised front gardens can often create two or more valuable off-street parking spaces (potentially also increasing property resale value), and resurfacing a poorly arranged area can often create and additional usable space, along with improvements in cosmetic appearance and aethetics. K M Plant only use the best quality materials to ensure the best and most professional, compliant and durable results. 




K M Plant has an extensive fleet of K M Plant owned and operated vehicles and Plant for the prompt and timely delivery of materials to site.  K M Plant also provides temporary parking surfaces for Corporate events, Shows and Festivals.  All installation and subsequent removal works are conducted using K M Plant owned and operated Plant, Equipment and Tools, and is conducted by skilled, qualified and experienced K M Plant personnel. K M Plant's services include the making good and reinstatement of surfaces post-event, where event organisers have faced unexpected adverse conditions, or unauthorised areas have been used, that were not designated for parking,  Surface protection is used to ensure damage is avoided or minimalised in the logistics process.




K M Plant is often engaged for the creation of private roads and widening of existing  single track approcahes to accommodate two way traffic. All works are undertaken by skilled, experienced and qualified K M Plant personnel, and K M Plant owned and operated Plant, Equipment, Tooling and Logistics is utilisied.  This includes the equipment for the safe and appropriate removal and disposal of spoil and waste material (K M Plant is an EA Licenced Waste Management services provider).




K M Plant personnel have extensive experience in Groundworks, both in terms of preparation for Civil Engineering and Construction works and for the provision of Private Client preparations for Landscaping and for Private Driveways, vehicular access and Parking facilities. This includes works ranging from extensive sweeping Driveways in Gravel, Tarmac and Block Paviours, etc. for substantial dwellings, to small front garden conversions to provide badly needed Off-Street parking facilities, in inner city urban and suburban locations, where parking space is at a premium. 




In addition to Housebuilders, Developers, Utilities and Construction Contractors, K M Plant is frequently engaged by small and private New Build Housebuilders, members of the public, private and small-scale Property Developers, Self-Builders, Architects, Renovators and Remodellers, General Builders, Property Management, Facilities Management and Asset Management companies, Grounds Maintenance and Landscape Designers, etc. to provide Driveway, Vehicle Hardstanding and Parking areas and any associated Groundworks, as K M Plant's substantial expertise and capability, ensures the optimium results and ultimate end-Client satisfaction.




As an integral part of the service, K M Plant will appoint a Project Manager from within the K M Plant Commercial Team to oversee the delivery your works before, during and to completion. The appointed Project Manager within the K M Plant Commercial Department, would be the primary liaison for the applicable engaging party or Client, and K M Plant's Commercial Team includes highly experienced Works Programme, Facilities Managers and Project Managers with a wealth of experience gained in successfully delivering Projects ranging from small Landscape and Groundworks for Residential Dwellings, up to large scale Industrial and Commercial Construction and Civil Engineering projects for leading major Construction companies.   The Project Manager will be your principle point of contact on all matters related to the works, and will usually be the interface between the engaging Client, the work crews and the relevant external bodies, etc.  On smaller scale works, this is likely to also be the Site Supervisor. 




Contact K M Plant today to see how you can have an affordable high quality Driveway, Car Parking or Vehicle Hardstanding area created, with high quality materials, provided by an expert team, in a short timeframe to minimum disruption and inconvenience, on 0203 146 8892.