Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Specialists



Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD') provides a highly cost effective alternative to Open-Cut Groundworks, offering both cost and time savings against schedule and budget, often facilitating programme compression, or expediting works within a short notice or permit window.  With Local Authorities, Utilities and Contractors under increasing pressure to minimise disruption and inconvenience, Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD') is becoming the default choice for new Mains Laying and Connections.  This methodology is now being more widely adopted for Renewals and Rehabilitations.  K M Plant have gained an enviable reputation as a leading provider of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Wales and the South West of England. 




K M Plant provides Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD') Rig Hire (with or without a skilled Operator as required) and utilises K M Plant owned and operated Plant and respective Logistics, in order to deliver unrivalled Client response and requirement support.  (Plant Hire Desk: 0203 146 9564).


With Open Cut methodologies, the average cost is circa £3.6k for 70 metres. However with Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD'), 100 metres plus is usually achievable in one day.  In favourable terrain, 200 meters per day is possible, at £2k for K M Plant supplied HDD with skilled and experienced Operator, Technician and Site Support Crew, the Rate Per Metre ('RPM') for Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD'), would be £20 per metre based on 100 metres in a working day, and potentially substantially less, as K M Plant's highly experienced and efficacious Technicians, have achieved 200 Metres in one day, in favourable terrain on numerous occasions for Clients, in respect of Pipeline and Mains Laying. 


K M Plant has assisted Clients in both Programme Compression and restoring projects to schedule, thereby avoiding potentially inconvenient and costly Over-Runs, and punitive Section 74 Out of Notice Fines. This has been achieved through the combination of the application of Horizontal Directional Drilling to expedite the physical works, augmented by K M Plant's highly skilled and experienced Project Management Teams, to reduce overall costs for the Client. 


Horizontal Directional Drill Hire is available from K M Plant at just £2k per day for the HDD Rig with Operator Technicians , plus a £2 per mile for dedicated (in-house) Transport cost, via K M Plant's own specialist Logistics Fleet and Site Support Crew.  Hire of an HDD Rig only (without Operator), is available for £1.8k per day. All quoted rates are subject to Value Added Tax at the current prevailing rate. 




To facilitate substantially longer distance Horizontal Directionally Drilled Mains Laying and Pipeline Installation, K M Plant provides  Horizontal Intersectional Directional Drilling ('HIDD'), circumventing major Infrastructural aspects such as Airports or Major Industrial Estates, Retail or Leisure Complexes or Geographical and Topographical terrain features, such as rivers, lakes, protected woodland, or existing Infrastructural factors such as underground transportion systems. major sewers, or subterrainial developments, etc.  The two Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs required, can be provided by K M Plant, complete with skilled and experienced specialist Technicians and Operators, with full K M Plant owned and operated Logistics fleet and the prerequisite Site Support and field Crews, 




K M Plant is a Regionally based specialist provider of Trenchless Technologies, that can expedite Utility Mains Laying and Installations, thereby saving inconvenience, time and cost against budget and schedule for the Client.  K M Plant covers Wales and across the South of England, and has presences in Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter, Swindon and Slough (Greater London), with Regional Operations Depots in Gwent and Somerset, with Yards and Compounds, strategically located across Wales and the South of England.