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K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd. a.k.a. 'K M Plant', are an Award-Winning and Innovation-Lead, industry leading Tier 2 Civil Engineering and 'HDD' Horizontal Directional Drilling and 'HIDD' Horizontal Intersectional Directional Drilling Contractor, Wales and South West of England based, and predominently operating across the South of the UK.  K M Plant principally specialise in Multi-Utility Mains Laying, Repair and Maintenance (and associated Support functions), delivered via innovative Trenchless 'No-Dig' methods, to significantly reduce the time and cost involved in Pipelines and Mains Pipe and Cable Laying, Mains Renewals and Mains Supply New Connections.


K M Plant are engaged either as an 'End-to-End' Specialist Tier 2 Sub-Contractor to the Principal, Primary, Main, or Tier 1 Contractor, as a Turn-Key Solutions Delivery Partner, or as Specialist Solutions Provider Contractors, via Direct Procurement and Direct Engagement by the End Client.


K M Plant Utilay is a Water Industry Approved and Lloyds Register Accrediated and Achillies Qualified Contractor, providing specialist Mains Installation, Laying, Repairs, Maintenance and Renewal, Self-Lay and Dry-Lay (On-Site and Off-Site), Pipeline, Spine and Trunk Mains, Strategic Grid Network Resilience, Network Reinforcement, National Grid, Interconnector, Distribution System and Network Operators, Grid Infrastructure, Pipeline Construction, Utility Design, Installation and Infrastructure Network Maintenance, throughout the Southern half of the UK, and is a Developer Services Lloyd's Register WIRS Accredited, Achilles UVBD Pre-Qualified, CHAS Premier CAS Certified, WaterSafe and WIAPS Self-Lay Provider for Potable Water Mains Laying and New Mains Supply Connections. 




K M Plant deploys Integrated Infrastructure Services and Solutions to Utilities, Pipeline Operators, Distribution Network Operators, Strategic Grid Networks, Interconnectors, Utility Grid Mains Reinforcement and Augmentation for Resilience, Spine and Trunk Mains, etc., to Water, Electricity, Energy, Telecoms, Oil and Gas Companies and Utilities Sector related Tier 1 Major Contractors, specialist Contractors and Civil Engineering firms, predominently across Wales, the Midlands, the South West and the South East of the UK. This includes providing Utility Design Solutions for the Design and Specification of Mains Installations and Infrastructure, provided by trusted Delivery Partners,


K M Plant also provides Integrated Services Solutions in support of major Utilities, Utility Contractors and Civil Engineers, in respect of Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD'), Horizontal Intersectional Directional Drilling ('HIDD'), Plant, Vehicles and Equipment, often as a Delivery Partner for end-to-end solutions, in compliment to the Utilities Internal Resources, and provides these services on Lump-Sum, Framework, Cost-Plus, Fixed-Price, Contract, Day Works and Measured Attainment arrangements. 




K M Plant supplies everything from Horizontal Directional Drills ('HDD'), Diggers (1.5T  through to 10T), 360 Excavators, 6 and 8 wheel Clamshell Tipper Grab Lorries (with or without Operators), Pipe Bursting Rigs, Line Stopping Rigs, Pipe Pulling Rigs, etc. through to Mobile and Static Welfare Units (with or without Hygiene Maintenance), and all the related Technical Support and associated Logistics, on all Plant, Vehicles, Tooling  and Equipment, all owned and maintained by K M Plant. This includes fully Mobile Technical and Site Support Crews, available on call for any unforeseen emergency that a Client may encounter on Site.  


K M Plant also provides 24 hour a day, 7 days a week Emergency Call-Out Response Support, in respect of Mains Bursts, Utility Strike Damage Incidents, Force Majeure, Meteorological and Accident Damage, etc.  K M Plant's 24/7 Response Hotline can be reached on: 0203 146 9561


As an Award Winning and Innovation-Lead specialist, K M Plant is a pre-eminent provider of, and a leading National proponent of, the application of Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies, such as Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD') for Water Mains and Gas Mains Supply Pipes, Interconnector Strategic Network Grid Pipelines, Resilience Network Pipelines, Mains Reinforcement and Upgrade or Replacement, Spine and Trunk Mains, underground Electrical, Telecommunications, Fibre-Optic, or Internet Connectivity Network Operator Cables, Ministry and Government Communications Infrastructure, Motorway and Smart Motorway and Strategic Road Network Communications Ducting, Telco Internet Spine and Network Media Communications, etc.  across the South of England, the Midlands, Wales, Greater London, and the Western and Southern Counties.




K M Plant is run by a team of highly experienced and time-served Utilities, Construction and Civil Engineering professionals,  including Construction Contractors, Civil Engineers and Project Management professionals, all possessing extensive experience within the Utilities, Civil Engineering and Construction Sectors, having worked for Major Utilities and Contractors in the UK and Europe. Indeed K M Plant is no ordinary Civil Engineering Business, and enjoys a 100% Client retention history (subject to qualifying criteria) over the past nine years, since the Company's inception in early 2010.




To underpin this extensive capablility, K M Plant has applied Award Winning innovation to Trenchless Technologies and holds highly prestigious Lloyd's Register Water Industry Registration Scheme WIRS Accreditation, WRAS WIA WIAPS and WaterSafe Accreditations, and enjoys Achilles UVDB Tier 2 Qualified, Utility Vendor Database Fully Pre-Qualifed Status. This is in addition to CHAS Premier CAS Certified Contractor and Constructionline Level 3 Gold Status, plus ISO9001 and ISO14001 Accreditations. K M Plant also holds Corporate Membership of UK Society for Trenchless Technology (UKSTT), the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) and the Pipeline Industries Guild, in reflection of K M Plant's acknowledged status as an Industry Leader in Trenchless Technologies within the Utilities and Infrastructure Sector, with many prestigious major and leading Utilities, Civil Engineering and Construction Sector Specialist Contractors (Tier 1 and 2), and Utility Management Sector Clients.




K M Plant's high levels of service delivery, reflect a finely-honed product and service delivery, born from a single-minded focus on delivering the best value and engagement experience possible to the Client, often through the application of Award Winning technologically innovative products, methods and services.  This has resulted in this highly successful, rapidly-growing business, enjoying an enviable Region-wide reputation as a supplier of choice to many Industry-leading Utilities, Network Operators, Interconnectors, Pipeline Operators, Construction Contractors, Property Developers, Housebuilders, etc., and major specialist Utility and Civil Engineering Contractors, principally in Wales, the South West of England, the Midlands and across to Greater London, but also further afield by referral and professional recommendation and specification. 




Whilst the vast majority of work is conducted in the South of the UK, for Clients in Cardiff, Newport, Hereford, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Worcester, Birmingham, Manchester, Derbyshire, Oxford, Bristol, Bath, Swindon, Reading, Windsor, Cambridge and Greater London, Wessex, the Cotswolds and the Midlands, etc. across Southern England and Wales, including Counties such as Gwent, Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Carmarthenshire, Flintshire, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Somerset, South Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset ('BANES'), Wiltshire, Royal Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, Dorset, North Devon, South Hams and into Cornwall. This substantial Regional coverage, is often extended by virtue of repeat business, existing Client referrals, inter-group referrals, Specialist Design Consultant or Architect referrals, professional recommendations and 'word-of-mouth' referrals, etc., to other geographical areas further afield, predominently across the Southern half of the UK. 




This progression to the vanguard of the Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies and 'No-Shut' service Network Maintenance works, has been facilitated via K M Plant’s Award-Winning dedicated Technical Innovation Division, with a proactive, forward-thinking focus applied to problem-solving, cost mitigation and works duration expediation, via the application of Technological Innovations. By focussing on delivering internally developed, cutting-edge, real-world application, tried, tested and proven methods, products and services, into the UK Utilities Sector marketplace, provided at highly competitive costs, K M Plant has consistently delivered time and cost savings for Clients, against challenging Programme, Schedule and Budgetary constraints.  K M Plant's innovative application of Trenchless Technology, is effectively utilised in a range of applications, from Utility Mains for major Medical facilities, Retail and Industrial Complexes, City Financial Trading establishments and eCommerce Logistics Hubs, through to Mains Laying and Connections for Private Developer Self-Builds, in geologically and environmentally challenging locations and Sites, or with limited access, such as Infill Plots, previously unviable for Build-Out.




In augmentation of this commitment to excellence, K M Plant proactively reinvests resources in new and improved Owner-Operated Plant, Tooling, Equipment and Logistics Fleets, facilitating unrivalled  agility and responsiveness to Client demand, and the prompt deployment of required machinery to Site.




Through this trifecta of Client focus, with a firm committment to Innovation and Continuous Improvement, and a passionately focussed driver to deliver optimal cost effectiveness for Clients, further supported by the K M Plant's 'Seven Pillars of Excellence' ethos, K M Plant has successfully positioned itself at the vanguard of the Trenchless Technologies sector, of Civil Engineering for the Utilities, Utility Sector Contracting and Property Development Market in the UK, as an Innovation-Lead business, and often the Preferred Supplier and default provider choice for existing Clients.




In order to realise this highly Client-centric Service Delivery focus, and to therefore ensure agile Client demand responsiveness, along with the consistent availability of essential specialist Plant, K M Plant owns and operates a fleet of specialist Plant, Tooling, Equipment and associated Logistics support vehicles, ensuring K M Plant is always ready to respond to a Client's requirements, including 24 Hour a Day Emergency Call-Outs (0203 146 9591) for urgent incident response support.




This highly enviable position, has enabled K M Plant to build a strong reputation for delivering highly responsive solutions, at very competive costs, and with beneficial time savings to their growing list of prestigious Clients amongst the Utilities, Network Operators, Consulting Civil Engineers, Utilities Sector Civil Engineering and Construction Contractors, Housebuilders, Brownfield Redevelopers, Regeneration, Commercial and Industrial Property Developers, Architects, Construction Sector and Civil Engineering Consulting firms, General Building Contractors, Interconnectors, Network Grid Operators, Fracking, Drilling and Pipeline Contractors, Tunnelling and Bridge Builders, Housebuilders, Self-Builders, Passivhaus and Eco House Builders (both Self-Builders and Bespoke New Builds) across the UK. 




K M Plant is no ordinary Civil Engineering Business, and enjoys a 100% Client retention history (subject to qualifying criteria) over the past decade, thanks in no small part, to K M Plant's Innovation-Led ethos, relentless focus on continuous improvement, utilising the application of innovative but tried, tested and proven technological developments to reduce costs and timescales for Clients, coupled with a highly collaborative, end-to-end, 'Delivery Partner' style of Client-lead engagement and a 'Right First Time' philosophy.  




K M Plant Major Contract Wins




The team at K M Plant are pleased to announce that, following an established relationship via Major Tier 1 Contractors, K M Plant has subsequently been awarded the All Regions Directional Drilling and Moling Framework Contract (via Direct Procurement) for Western Power Distribution, in respect of Electricity and Telecoms, across Wales, The South West of England, The West Midlands and the East Midlands.




K M PLant Industry AwardS




Winner of Most Innovative Trenchless Digging Technologies 2019 - UK




K M Plant in the Industry Press




K M Plant (incorporating Utilay) is a Wales and West Region based specialist Directional Drilling Contractor, Utility Mains Laying and Self-Lay Provider utilising Trenchless Technologies, such as Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD'), that can significantly expedite works durations for Pipeline and Multi-Utility Mains Laying and Installations, thereby saving inconvenience, time and therefore oftem considerable costs against both budget and schedule for the Client. 


K M Plant predominently covers Wales, the South West of England, the West Midlands, the South East and across to Greater London, and has satellite presences and teams in Bristol, Exeter, Swindon and Slough. along with Regional Operations Depots in Gwent, Glamorgan, Leicestershire and Somerset, augmented with Yards and Compounds strategically located across Wales, the Midlands and the South West of England.  K M Plant also conducts works further afield throughout the South of the UK, for existing Clients and via referral and professional recommendations from existing Clients, Architects, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Arboricultural Consultants, Environmental Advisors, Sewerage, Flood Management and Drainage Engineers. 


K M Plant Utilay provides Multi-Utility Mains Laying, Self-Lay, Dry-Lay, Cable and Pipeline Installations for Infrastructure, Mains Renewal, Maintenance and Repair, along with new and upgraded Utility Connections and Installations, via 'No-Dig' Trenchless Technologies such as Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD'), Horizontal Intersectional Directional Drilling ('HIDD'), Slip-Lining (including Live Insertion) Impact Moling, Thrust Boring, Auger Boring, Cable or Pipe Pulling and Pipe Bursting. K M Plant also provides Line-Stop/Flow-Stop and Overland Diversions, Cryogenic Isolation Pipe Freezing, Live and Hot Tapping, Live Insertions, Slip-Lining, plus Air-Pick and Vacuum Excavations, etc. for Safety and Low-Risk-Dig works on Civils and Reinstatement related services.




As a leading specialist, K M Plant is frequently called upon by the Press for comment and contributary input. Here is an example of K M Plant's contribution to Editorial Article in Water and Wastewater Treatment magazine on the national rollout of the Lane Rental Scheme,  and of K M Plant's contribution to an Editorial Article on avoiding Utility Service Strikes.




Call 0203 146 3737 for an initial review of your requirements and to discuss how K M Plant can provide you with highly cost and time effective solutions.   




K M Plant operates under NRSWA, USAG, BPAUS04, HSG47 and BSI PAS128 Best Practice Methodologies for Utilities Infrastructure Assets and Services Presence Detection and Identification, and works collaboratively with Environmental Consultants to ensure all possible practicable care is applied to the environs and disturbance minimised, in the delivery of works.




Call 0203 146 3737 for an initial review of your requirements, and to discuss how K M Plant can provide you with highly cost and time effective solutions to your Multi-Utility and Self-Lay Mains Laying or renewal, Mains Installation and Connection, Trunk Main and Pipeline Construction and Network Maintenance requirements.   




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