K M Plant Utilay Mains Renewal and Refurbishment


K M Plant have a team of highly experienced Utilities professionals, including ex-Water Utility and Utility Contractor, Operatives, Technicians, Inspectors, Supervisors, Department and Project Managers, etc., with extensive direct experience of Network Mains Replacement, Mains Reinforcement, Mains Rehabilitation, Mains Renovation and Mains Renewal,  and the necessary management and rectification measures.  K M Plant is equipped to promptly mobilise the necessary Plant, equipment and personnel to deliver cost effective Mains Renewal and Mains Rehabilitation works to a scheme, and utilising the most approraite and cost effective methodologies to conduct the programmed works.  Surface Infrastructure disruption can be minimised, courtesy of Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies and such methodologiesas Pipe-Bursting and Slip-Lining.  K M Plant can conduct the necessary making good and Reinstatement on site to complete the job from end to end.   





Utilites are now finding themselves under ever-increasing scrutiny to address network leakage issues, and K M Plant can assist with a strategic approach to replacing problem sections of deteriorating and failing Newtork Infrastructure, persistent Leaks, sub-optimal flow and pressure issues, failed valves, etc.  Internal resourcing can be somewhat stretched in this regard, so Utilities are increasingly outsourcing this critical work and engaging external parties such as K M Plant, to undertake the Mains Renewals, Rehabilitation, Refurbishment or additional and replacement Mains Infrastructure.  K M Plant can provide a complete end to end service, including final Reinstatement works, as a single point of supply.