K M Plant Utilay Multi-Utility Mains Laying



In addition to Trunk Main and Pipeline Construction and Network Maintenance, K M Plant also provides Multi-Utility Mains Laying services into the Residential Housebuilder, and Commercial and Industrial Property Developer Marketplace, along with Utilities Connections Brokers, Utilities, and Civil Engineering Contractors.  K M Plant is Lloyd's Register Accrediated for Mains Installations and Connections, and is Lloyd's Register WIRS Accredited for Self-Lay, and WRAS, WIA, WIAPS and WaterSafe Approved for External Services Connections, in addition to being Achilles Qualified and Pre-Qualified on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Data Base Scheme.  K M Plant supplies all manner of Clients from Tier 1, Major Contractors through to small Sub-Contractors.  Article on K M Plant's Pipeline and Trunk Main Services.




Through K M Plant's highly collaborative ethos, K M Plant is often able to deliver significant timeline and costs savings through expeditied works and reduced requirements for Roadspace invasion, or disturbance to the surface infrastructure.  This proves a most welcome factor in expediting the timescales for Developers, faced with long quoted lead times, on highly time-pressured new builds and multi-phase sites with common Mains infrastructures, and strict phase release deadlines, in addition to secondary Mains for Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrants, Washout Valves, etc.  K M Plant's Project Management Team can seemlessly interface and collaborate with Interconnectors, Strategic Grid and Network Operators for specialist Pipelines (such as Oil and Gas), Resilience and Trunk Mains Construction, Installation, Renewal, Rehabilitation, Refurbishment, Repair (including 24/7 Emergency Response - 0203 146 9561) or scheduled, planned, preventative and routine Network Maintenance.  




Through the provision of a dedicated Project Management Team, K M Plant delivers a high level of collaborative working, for scheduled and programmed works intergration, thereby facilitating a seemless interface with the Client's own internal teams (and in collaboration with any Delivery Partners), and a complete end-to-end integrated services solution to the Client.  This is often very favourably received by Procurement, Contract Management and Project Management Teams alike, as it not only simplyfies the delivery to one provider, but also provides a singular point of contact for the entire project lifecycle.  




Indeed, K M Plant works closely with Architects, Major and Small Developers alike, including Self-Builders such as those undertaking special projects such as Passivhaus builds, and new builds in sensitive areas, or conversions in established mature grounds.  K M Plant also undertakes Multi-Utility Mains Laying for major Industrial, Commercial and Government Sites.  K M Plant can provide Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies to expedite the Mains Laying process, and avoid costly Traffic Management and surface infrastructure disturbance costs, normally associated with 'Open-Cut' Trenchwork. 




K M Plant Utilay Utility Mains Laying, Pipelines, Trunk Mains and Network Maintenance: 0203 146 9560 




In addition to Mains Utilities, K M Plant also provides Conduit and Cable Lay for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider Network Connectivity Infrastructure and Strategic Motorway Network Telecommunications, etc.  




K M Plant provides Mains Laying support for Telecommunications and Internet infrastructure Spine and Resilience Networks, Strategic Grids and Networks across the UK, either via direct engagement, or as an appointed specialist Sub-Contractor.  Please contact K M Plant's Utilay Commercial Department direct 0203 146 9562, to discuss your specific requirements, and how K M Plant can provide efficient and cost effective solutions to support our Clients in meeting these.