Lead Water Mains Replacement Services



The Water Utilities are required to support Customers in the replacement of old and potentially harmful to health, lead metal water supply pipes, with modern safe and durable WRAS and WI approved plastic pipe. The World Health Organisation offer guidance on the dangers of Lead.  K M Plant has extensive experience of applying Award Winning innovative solutions to the replacement of Lead Water Mains with plastic, which K M Plant routinely undertakes for the Water Utilities and private customers alike.  K M Plant actively supports and participates in Government-backed and funded campaigns and Grant initiatives and supports Water Utilities and pressure groups for a Lead Free Wales. K M Plant provides Lead water Mains Replacement services to Local Authority Housing, Housing Associations and to Private Residences, across Wales to Customers of Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.  K M Plant also provides this service across the South West of England for Customers of Bristol Water, Wessex Water, Hafren Dyfrdwy Severn Dee, Severn Trent Water and South West Water. Some Water Companies provide free testing for the presence of Lead in Customer's Drinking Water.  Dŵr Cymru / Welsh Water, offer free Lead tests to customers on request. WaterSafe offer guidance on this.




Call K M Plant's Technical Services team on 0203 146 9565 to discuss your requirements for replacing harmful Lead Water Mains with new plastic piping.  




K M Plant are leading industry and inspectorate approved Lead water Mains Replacement specialist Contractors, and can conduct this work either via private commission or via a Grant Funded Scheme such as Lead Free Wales. In substanitation and demonstration of K M Plant's high standards of qualification professionalism, and for our Customers absolute peace of mind, K M Plant is Lloyds Register WIRS, WIAPS, WaterSafe, WRAS, ISST, UKSTT and Water Mark accredited for these works, and has a team of highly experienced Specialist Water Services Replacement Technicians, who can replace the Lead Water Mains supply pipe safely, efficiently and quickly, utilising the least disruptive method possible, thanks in no small part, to K M Plant's proactive adoption of Award- Winning innovative solutions, such as Pipe Pulling and Winching, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Thrust Boring and Impact Moling, minimising disruption and Water supply off time for the Customer, reducing and minimising inconvenience for neighbouring properties and residents.