Owner-Operated Fleet



To facilitate the delivery of optimium responsiveness to Client requirements, (including K M Plant Hire's 24 Hour Emergency Call-Out Service on 0203 146 9561), and to ensure the necessary specialist Plant and equipment is always readily available, and in optimum condition, K M Plant Hire has invested significantly in a Owner-Operated Fleet of Plant, Logistics and specialist equipment and Tooling, and trained and highly experienced Technicians and Site Support Crews.

This includes a team of specialist Technicians to check, maintain and repair the extensive fleet of specialist machines. ranging from Horizontal Directional Drilling ('HDD') Rigs, Pipe Bursting Rigs, Cryogenic Isolation Pipe Freezing Rigs, Line-Stop Rigs, Thrust Boring Rigs, Moling Rigs, Slip Lining Winches and Pipe Pullers (Tractor Unit Winches and KOBUS Winches), etc.,


K M Plant Hire also possesses an extensive fleet of 1.5T Mini-Diggers through to 10T Diggers, 360 Excavators, Vacuum Excavation ('Vac-Ex') Machines, Clamshell Tipper Grab Lorries, HIABs, Lo-Loaders, Tractor Units, Dropsides, Flatbeds, Tippers, Half-Cabs, and various Towable Plant and Machinery Trailers, along with a fleet of specialist Plant Repair and Maintenance, Site Support Crew vans, along with a fleet of Mobile and Static Welfare Units, etc. 


Clients have benefitted significantly from the responsive flexiblility, agility and Plant availablility levels that K M Plant Hire provides, and for many, K M Plant has become the Preferred Supplier, default choice and single point of contact, frequently facilitating the required rapid deployment to Site. 




K M Plant Hire has an established reputation for delivering seemless Integrated Solutions for Plant provision in the Civil Engineering, Construction, Utilities and Major Contractor Sector. 


K M Plant Hire's responsive and highly reactive Client support, ensures the Client has rapid and timely provision of all the necessary Plant to support both scheduled planned maintenance, and 24/7 Emergency Response for any Mains Laying or Utility Strike, Mains Burst or Accident Damage, etc. Emergency Repairs requirement.  This facilitates access at short notice to specialist Plant, not generally carried as Internal stock by the Client.  Through this high level of responsiveness, K M Plant Hire can provide rapid deployment to Site, facilitating prompt rectification and reconnection of Mains Services for the Client. 




K M Plant Hire supplies Integrated Plant Solutions to Utilities and Utility Contractors, facilitating support to the Client's Internal Work Crews, in the provision of end-to-end Plant Hire solutions, from initial site preparation for Mains works, Peckers, Horizontal Directional Drills, Mini-Diggers, Diggers and 360 Excavators, and through to Reinstatement Plant such as Clamshell Tipper Grab Lorries, etc., all from K M Plant Hire's Owner-Operated Fleet, all transported to and from site via K M Plant Hire's Owner-Operated Logistics Fleet. All Plant can be supplied with or without Skilled Operators. 


K M Plant Hire has a Dedicated Site Support Crew (Including Mobile Plant Maintenance Technicians), available to respond to any unforeseen on-site Plant operation related issues.      




K M Plant Hire also has access to an extensive range of Plant, Equipment and vehicles, through it's Plant Hire activities and established Cross-Hire relationships. Thusly, K M Plant Hire can provide rapid mobilisation on both scheduled and on Emergency Response works. 

The Hire Desk can be reached via 0203 146 9564 to discuss how K M Plant can assist in meeting your requirements. and K M Plant Hire's 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Emergency Call-Out Service, can be reached on 0203 146 9561




K M Plant Hire Desk: 0203 146 9564

K M plant Hire 24/7  Emergency Call-Out Service: 0203 146 9561