Private Water Mains Leakage Repairs



K M Plant has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable ex-Water Board Leakage Inspectors, ex-Water Utility Leakage Detection Technicians and Specialist Contractor Leakage Detection and Repair Technicians, who can detect and locate underground Water Supply Leaks on the private supply element of the Water Mains supplying a private property, that are the responsibility of the property owner to rectify, or face penalties and costs for from the Water Utilities, notified via Letter and subsequently via an Enforcement Order.  Many of the Water Utilities will temporarily suspend their Enforcement Action, when advised that K M Plant will be rectifying the Leak on behalf of the Customer,




In substanitation and demonstration of K M Plant's high standards of professionalism, and for our Customers absolute peace of mind, K M Plant is Lloyds Register WIRS, WIAPS, WaterSafe, WRAS, ISST, UKSTT and Water Mark accredited for these works, and has a team of highly experienced Specialist Water Services Repair Technicians, who can repair the Leaking Mains Supply Pipe safely, efficiently and quickly, utilising the least disruptive method possible, thanks in no small part, to K M Plant's proactive adoption of Award Winning innovative solutions, such as Pipe Pulling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Thrust Boring and Moling, minimising disruption and water supply off time for the Customer, and also minimising inconvenience for neighbouring properties and residents.    




In addition to the waste (and potential cost) of water lost through un repaired Leakage, it is also important to be aware of the potential significant risks to health and wellbeing, caused by ingress of unclean groundwater through capillary action into the clean water supply, and the potential for reverse flow of water due to the loss of essential supply pressure, leading to contaminated water being drawn into the main and compromising the clean drinking water. This is often initially detected by drop in normal water pressure, and an unpleasant taste or odour to the tap water, and should be acted upon promptly.