Technical Innovation Division



As an Award Winning, Innovation-Lead business, K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd, now occupies a prestigious place at the vanguard of Trenchless Technologies.  This is in no small part, due to the near obsessional focus on the development and implementation of cutting edge Technology, to revolutionise the Sector's approach to Mains Laying, Intrastructure Network Repair and Maintenance.  This is born from K M Plant's innovative approaches, and their significant commitment to an aggressive growth strategy, based on developing and harnessing advancing Technology. 


This aggressive approach to driving change, has enabled to K M Plant to deliver solutions to complex and challenging problems, where other operators in the Sector, have been unable to. This has fuelled significant growth and industry recognition, through establishing a 'Can-Do' reputation and track record for developing highly innovative solutions, to previously unresolved issues and challenges. 


From that standpoint, in 2016, K M Plant cemented the committed to Innovation and formed a dedicated specialist Technical Innovation Division, and in 2017 appointed a specialist, dedicated Innovation team, lead by Dr. Murray Ambler-Shattock D.Sc., to proactively pursue Research and Development, pledging to commit to 10% of Business-wide turnover being reinvested in furthering technical Innovation within Construction, Utilities and Civil Engineering.  This commitment to progress thIs through Innovation, Reasearch and Development for the Sector, was formally acknowledged and recognised in K M Plant being awarded Global Energy News "Most Innovative Trenchless Digging Technologies 2019 - UK" in the prestigious Oil and Gas Awards, 2019.




Thus far, AI (Artificial Intelligence), VRA (Virtual Reality Augmentation) and the harvesting, analysis and application of 'Big Data', has not been synonymous with Civil Engineering, Network Infrastructure and Utilities Sector Contracting. However, in the midst of the Civil Engineering Sector, there is a paradigm shift in thinking, driven by a small number of highly innovative organisations, working to revolutionise the practical application of Trenchless Technologies. One such organisation is K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd.


K M Plant is quietly and steadily building a team of Technology and Civil Engineering specialists, to transform the way the Civil Engineering works are conducted.  Driven forward by K M Plant's visionary Senior Leadership and Management Team, headed by Managing Director, Khan Lynch, and in close collaboration with a highly experienced Commercial Operations Department, headed by Commercial Manager, Andrew Bradley, K M Plant is developing highly innovative and practical solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing the Industry today.  This dynamic and agile style of leadership, has already seen K M Plant's turnover increase steadily year on year, and the garnering of leading players in the Utilities Sector within their burgeoning Client list, and accompanying healthy revenue streams.




K M Plant is actively engaged in the techological evolution of Trenchless Technology solutions, such as Horizontal Directional Drilling, and development of innovative solutions to enhance the accessability for implementation of Trenchless Techologies, that miminimise disruption, surface distrurbance, expedite and decreases the timeline and cost of Mains Utilities Installations, in increasing compact and challenging locational and geotechnical situations.  With increased infill builds in dense urban locations where plant access is limited, K M Plant is developing compact solutions for the application of Trenchless Technologies, such as Micro HDD machinery.    


The use of non-invasive remote scanning and detection sensors (capable of detecting a wider range of materials than many existing systems), along with advanced AI-based algorithms, can be applied to facilitate far more accurate Predictive Modelling for Asset and Services presence. The use of highly accurate, Non-Invasive and Non-Penetrative Investigations techniques, in respect of Ground Conditions and the presence of underground Utility Infrastructure, Assets and Services, could revolutionise Ground Surveys, underground Asset detection and Service Strike avoidance, thusly potentially reducing the occurance of Service Strikes and unforeseen Ground Conditions between Trial Holes, Explorative Excavations and Launch/Reception Pits.

The primary focus of this innovative Research and Development activity, is the eventual commercial application of the solutions, towards application within the Civil Engineering activities associated with the core Infrastructure, Mains Laying, Network Repair and Maintenance, etc. This is presently focussed within the Utilities Sectors of Water, Gas, Electricity and Telecommunications, but with potential wider market applications in other areas where Ground Penetration aspects are prevalent.  K M Plant envisages greater collaboration with Academia and Government Agencies, as the Technology engagement and development activity pinnacles.


K M Plant is already established at the vanguard of Trenchless Technologies in respect of delivering highly cost efficient and time saving 'No-Dig' solutions into the UK marketplace, including Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Horizontal Intersectional Directional Drilling (HIDD), Pipe-Bursting, Thrust-Boring, Moling, Line-Stop and Bag-Stop Flow Diversions, etc. saving Clients time and delivering cost savings against (often highly compressed) Programmed Schemes for essential works, previously dependent on highly disruptive 'Open Cut' Trenchwork for access.  This has facilitiated positive moves towards a reduction in disruption and inconvenience to the wider public, along with the Health and Safety benefits of less personnel directly involved in Trench based excavation works, and progress towards a reduction in Service Strikes with the potential for human harm, scheme works delays, programme delays, corresponding investigations and subsequent financial ramifications.


Such pioneering work is not without it's challenges, and breaking with the conventional thinking, can bring resistance from highly traditional and conventional methodology focused attitudes, requiring a resiliant and robust focus from the driving parties. 


When talking to Khan, Andrew, Murray and their R&D and Innovations Team at K M Plant, it is highly evident that fostering a highly collaborative culture is essential, in the same manner that has been a defining factor in the Company's rapid assent to substantial early success, in an industry previously dominated by behemoths with historically glacier-paced technical development and complacent satisfaction with the status quo.

K M Plant's demonstrable focus and engagement on driving forward Innovation and R&D within Civil Engineering, is further exemplified in K M Plant's commitment since 2016 to re-invest 10% of Annual Turnover into further Innovation and R&D activity, clearly defining K M Plant as an Innovation-Lead and subsequently, an Award Winning and forward-thinking business.


Innovation is integral to the 'DNA' of K M Plant, and the business is investing heavily in developing integrated Digital Engineering within the core operational systems, and in a dynamic and scalable enterprise architecture for the business.  K M Plant is now poised to embark on major strategic developments, which will further transform the business mechanisms and operational models, not just for K M Plant, but potentially for the entire Civil Engineering Sector.




K M Plant Hire & Groundworks Ltd. is a Civil Engineering Business, run by highly experienced, time-served Civil Engineers, for the Utilities, Civil Engineering and Construction Sectors in the UK.  K M Plant's high levels of Service Delivery, reflect a finely honed product and service delivery, born from a single-minded focus on delivering the best value and experience possible to the Client, often through the application of Technologically Innovative products and services. This has resulted in this highly successful, rapidly growing business, enjoying an enviable reputation as a supplier of choice to many Industry Leading Utilities and Major Contractors.   


This progression to the vanguard of the Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies and 'No-Shut' service works, has been facilitated via K M Plant’s Technical Innovation Division, with proactive forward-thinking focus on applying problem-solving and expediating Technological Innovations, and on delivering cutting-edge, real-world application proven, tried and tested products and services, into the UK Utilities marketplace, at highly competitive costs. Through this trifecta of Client focus, Innovation and Cost Effectiveness, K M Plant has successfully positioned itself at the vanguard of the Trenchless Technologies sector of Civil Engineering in the UK.


In order to realise this highly Client-centric Service Delivery focus, and to therefore ensure agile Client demand responsiveness and the consistent availability of essential specialist Plant, K M Plant owns and operates its own fleet of specialist Plant and associated logistics support vehicles, ensuring K M Plant is ready to respond to the Client's requirements, including 24 Hour a Day Emergency Call-Outs.


This highly enviable position, has enabled K M Plant to build a strong reputation for delivering highly Client-requirement responsive solutions, at very competive costs and with beneficial time savings to their growing list of prestigious Utility Sector Operators, Civil Engineering Contractors, Housebuilders and Commercial Developers, and Construction Sector Contractor Clients.


K M Plant is no ordinary Civil Engineering Business, and enjoys a 100% Client retention history (subject to qualifying criteria) over the past nine years.


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