Underground Leak Detection Services



K M Plant benefits from an extensive team of highly experienced Utilities Sector professionals, including ex-Water Utility Technicians and Inspectors, with direct experience of Leak Detection, Isolation and the necessary rectification measures.  Through K M Plant's extensive resources, K M Plant is equipped to quickly mobilise the necessary Plant, specialist equipment and suitably competent personnel to identify the issue(s), rectify the problem(s) and conduct the necessary emergency repairs, including such procedures as Cryogenic Isolation and Pipe-Freezing, Line-Stopping or Supply Diversion. On confirmed rectification, K M Plant can conduct the necessary making good and Reinstatement on site to complete the job seemlessly from end to end.   




Customers are responsible for the Mains Supply Pipes from the boundary, Stop Tap or Meter Boundary Box of their property into the property.  Where the Water Utility has detected Potable Water loss through leakage on the Customer side, the Customer will most probably receive a Leakage Notice Requiring Repair within 14 Days, subject to potential Enforcement action.




K M Plant conducts Leakage Detection and Repairs for both the Water Utilities and Customers, from Private Domestic Customers through to Commercial and Industrial Customers, suffering potential structural damage and financial expense through Leakage Loss, perhaps resulting from an Enforcement Notice from the Water Utility. 




K M Plant have a team of highly experienced Utilities professionals, including ex-Water Utility Inspectors with direct experience of Leak Detection and the necessary rectification measures.  K M Plant is equipped to quickly mobilise the necessary Plant, equipment and personnel to identify the issue, rectify the problem and conduct the necessary maintenance and are able to respond to any emergency repairs promptly.




K M Plant can also provide Water Anti-Theft Investigations for illegal connections, where Infrastructure Charges have not been paid and the appropriate procudure has not been followed for Connection, potentially compromising Potable Supply integrity, network stability and service pressures.  At present this is often treated as Loss through Leakage, thusly skewing the actual losses genuinely attributable to 'unaccounted for' water network system egress.


With Water Utilities now under increasing pressure to curtail waste through Leakage, this is becoming an important area for improvement in detection and a priority to reduce unaccounted for water loss.  K M Plant's Team includes ex-Auditors for Water Infrastructure and Associated Billing Records.




Utilites are now finding themselves under ever-increasing scrutiny to address network leakage issues, and K M Plant can assist with a strategic approach to replacing problem sections of Main (Pipeline, Network, Trunk, Spine, etc.) and leaking Connections, Communication Pipes, Supply Pipes, Valves, Joints, Hydrants, Matrix, etc.  Internal resourcing can be somewhat stretched in this regards, so Utilities are increasingly detecting the presence of a Leak through internal read validation and analysis, and engaging external parties such as K M Plant, to locate, rectify and complete up to final Reinstatement, as a convenient single point of supply.