Water Meter Installations & Changes


K M Plant is Accredited by Lloyds Register WIRS, Achiiles UVDB, WaterSafe and WIAPS for the change and Installation of Stop Taps, and for the Connection of Domestic and Non-Domestic Metered Water Supplies (along with Streetworks), and has a team of highly experienced and qualified ex-Water Utility Meter Installations and Connections Technicians, Metering Team Leaders (Meter Options, Meter Swaps and New Build Meter Installations), Commercial and Industrial Metering, along with Consumption, Sub-Meter Validations, Infrastructure Auditors, Point-to-Point Leakage Tracing Technicians and Special Projects Managers. 




This combined with K M Plant's Owner-Operated Plant such as 1.5T - 10T Diggers, Peckers, Clamshell Tipper Grabs (6 and 8 Wheel variants), with Logistics and Site Support, ensures a highly responsive and efficient Installation Crew, including specialist Gangs for Dig-Out, Tappings, Installations, Mains Connections, Supply and Communication Pipe Installation, Renewal (such as Lead Replacement, etc.) and Repair, Meter Swap-Outs, Toby Installs, Meter Fitting or Change, Pre and Post Install Civils and Reinstatements.




K M Plant also installs Secondary Meter Mains Supplies for Standalone Mains Fed Sprinkler Systems and additional Fire Hydrants or Wash Outs, to comply with updated Legislation, etc.  




K M Plant only uses HARAS, WIA, WIS and WRAS Water Utility Approved Products supplied by Trusted Industry-Leading Brands, to ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance for the Client.  These are at least the same high quality and verified standards as the Utilities specify for their Mains Networks, so you can be assurred of the highest possible standards for the Installation.




Where it is possible to expedite the works, save the Client time against programme, reduce costs, and minimise the inconvenience to the General Public, as a leading provider of Trenchless 'No-Dig' Technologies, K M Plant will advise the Client of the opportunities to utilise Trenchless Technologies and deliver costs savings and expedite works, again utilising K M Plant's existing resources. 




K M Plant also provides Secondary Water Supply Mains for Stand Alone Mains Fed Sprinkler Systems, and provides additional, augmentive or replacement Fire Hydrant and Wash-Out Valve installations in support of SLP installations where this has been omitted by other lesser-qualified self-lay providers, etc.